HDMI interface is a high-definition multimedia interface that transmits digital signals as well as video and audio signals. Nowadays, many high-definition monitors, graphics cards and motherboards and other computer hardware are equipped with HDMI interfaces,Many mainstream game consoles such as Switch, PS5 and XBOX, as well as TV sets, projectors and other audio and video equipment are also equipped with HDMI high-definition interfaces to provide a better picture quality experience.



Onten UC981, USB-C to HDMI adapter, is a perfect fit for the game console devices introduced above. Onten UC981, connected with cell phones, laptops, ultrabooks and other devices equipped with USB-C ports (supporting display port substitution mode), easily projects video and game interfaces with external screens equipped with HDMI ports such as HDTVs, projectors and normal monitors, and the picture changes from small to large for a better experience.



Onten UC981, USB-C to HDMI high speed UHD adapter, can easily output 8K@30Hz or 4K@120Hz and 2K@144Hz video, fast transfer speed, clear and delicate picture, immersive high quality large screen experience to enjoy, watching movies and games are all enjoyable.



Onten UC981, USB-C to HDMI high-speed ultra-high-definition adapter, compatible with a wide range of USB-C side can be connected to cell phones, thin and light notebooks, tablets, etc., HDMI side adapted to a variety of monitors, TVs, projectors and other devices. Large screen clear display, not only can cast video games, etc, but also conference screen casting, second to become a speaker.


欧腾UC981,USB-C转HDMI高速超高清适配器,兼容广泛,不仅适配USB-C口手机,还可兼容:Mackbook Pro、Dell Xps、Surface Book等USB-C设备。Onten UC981, USB-C to HDMI High Speed Ultra HD Adapter, is widely compatible, not only with USB-C port phones, but also with: Mackbook Pro, Dell Xps, Surface Book and other USB-C devices.


欧腾UC981,USB-C转HDMI高速超高清适配器,墨绿色铝合金外壳,靓丽的颜色外观还具备超强的散热功能,轻松导出热量,让产品在持续使用之后,还能保持低温度,久用不发烫。欧腾UC981,无需驱动,即插即用。兼容:Mac OS、iOS、Windows、Android系统及Compatible with Mac OS、iOS、Windows、Android  systems等系统,操作简单方便。不卡顿,无延迟,画面清晰流畅。家里有闲置HDMI接口显示设备的朋友,可以用欧腾UC981来扩展一下你的显示设备。

Onten UC981, USB-C to HDMI High Speed Ultra HD Adapter, dark green aluminum alloy shell, beautiful color appearance also has a super heat dissipation function, easily export heat, so that the product can be used after continuous use, but also to maintain a low temperature, long time not hot.

Onten UC981, no driver, plug and play. Compatible with: Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android systems and Compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android systems, etc. Easy and convenient to operate. No lag, no delay, clear and smooth picture. For those who have idle HDMI interface display devices at home, you can use Onten UC981 to extend your display devices.